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Pouring Beer Intelligently with Idiot IPA

Posted by seangrabin on April 10, 2012

Don’t be an idiot.

The way you pour your beer can vastly affect the way your beer tastes. If you pour it wrong, you will not get the full effect of all the flavors.

In this article from, they say that the standard procedure for pouring beer, pouring it into a glass at a 45 degree angle, does not fully release the flavors of the beer. Alternatively, they argue that you should pour the beer directly into middle of the glass, let the foam rest, and then pour more if necessary.

Me: holding an empty beer glass.

For a rookie (like me) this can be a tricky method, especially if you use a shorter glass. I have found you can quickly lose control and the head overflows. Just ask my countertop how that works out. Personally, I blame surface tension and science for not doing their jobs. To solve this issue, I have discovered a hybrid method of pouring that combines the two schools of thought. This idea is reproduced in many other places online.

I will explain for the lazy:

First, find yourself a clean beer glass. Make sure that it is clean and in fact made of glass. There is a variety of beer glassware out there, each one recommended for a different type of beer. Though it is not recommended for an IPA, I’m using my go-to Weizen-style glass that my roommates “borrowed” from Buffalo Wild Wings. I prefer it because it holds the most beer.

Next you hold your glass at a 45-degree angle and pour down the side until it is about half full or until the bottle is half empty, depending on your outlook on life.

Then comes the tricky part. While keeping the pour steady, tilt your glass (and beer) upward and pour directly into the middle of the glass. This will create a nice tasty head for your beer and bring out all the flavors and aroma.

If you can’t figure it out, watch this video.

For this week’s review I’ve chosen Coronado Brewing Company’s Idiot IPA. It is a part of their “crown series” and is an imperial India pale ale. Coronado Brewing Company a small San Diego-based brewery, located on Coronado, Calif.

Coronado Brewing Company Idiot IPA

This is the bottle.

When I was at BevMo earlier, I was in the mood for a lighter beer, but this beer said “idiot” on it and I couldn’t not buy it.

The beer is a dark amber and it produced a rather large head when I poured it. I might have just screwed up the pour, though. The beer is quite strong and the scent stings the nostrils. The bottle says it is made with four different types of hops, and I can believe it.

I like the flavor of it, but it’s nothing to write home about. Maybe I need to try more IPAs to warm up to them.

The Idiot IPA clocks in at a hefty 8.5% alc/vol, so you’ll definitely feel this one, especially if you’re drinking on an empty stomach.

Rating: 3 beers out of a 6-pack


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